Ассоциативный английский словарь

Ассоциативный английский словарь

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This tag cloud English associative dictionary is a dictionary rendered and edited with the help of the “Tag Cloud” online computer program. It contains 200 stimuli words on the topic “Sport” with the speakers’ and non-speakers’ reactions to them in the form of word clouds. It is the result of the linguistic association research, made on native and non-native speakers for the visual acquisition and linguistic comparison of their reactions the  stimuli words.

The edition aims of this dictionary are:

1)     to let the students get acquainted with the possible practical visual result of the linguistic research in a foreign language;

2)     to use this type of visual dictionaries in the English language lessons at school and in gymnasiums, as well as during the additional lessons and after-class activities in order to develop different kinds of memory and thinking;

3)     to raise the student’s motivation to study the peculiarities of a foreign language use, as well as to make linguistic researches in foreign languages aimed at getting more information about the national character and mentality characteristics of the native speakers of any other language.

This dictionary was edited for students involved in learning not only the English language itself, but in getting more information about the peculiarities of the mentality of the British people in comparison with the Belarusian respondents. Analyzing the clouds with the reactions to the stimuli words, the students can not only make linguistic and sociolinguistic conclusions on the Belarusian and British people’s reactions and attitude to the words on a particular topic, but they have an opportunity to develop different types of memory,  improve thinking skills and analytic abilities.  

Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1buuwEYPfIPzlHAY2c8jZFuwMu954uSqd

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